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3 reasons to buy a wool carpet

wool carpet
Wool is the highest standard of fibre. It is the fibre all other synthetic fibres are trying to imitate. We prize Merino (from merino sheep) and cashmere (from goats) wools for our clothes. Why not consider it for your carpet?

Here are the top three reasons to choose a wool carpet:

1. Naturally resistant to soil and dirt

This is often the number one reason to buy wool carpet for many customers. The fibre structure of wool has overlapping scales, similar to roof shingles. These scales keep the dust and dirt near the surface of the carpet and prevent it from reaching the inner pile. Since the wool fibres have kept the dirt and grime at the surface, wool carpets experience significantly better soil release when vacuuming than their synthetic carpet cousins.

2. Appearance retention

Flattened pile can occur after only a couple years with cheap synthetic carpet and cause the floor look worn out before its time. With wool’s natural elasticity, flattened pile is not an issue. Each wool fibre has a three dimensional spiralling crimp that can stretch to more than 30% of its original length and bounce back like a mini spring. Wool is a crushproof choice that quickly recovers from daily traffic and even furniture indentations.

3. Naturally stain resistant

Wool fibres have a thin protective membrane that gives wool the ability to shed water instead of immediately absorbing the liquid into the fibre. Since 80% of carpet stains are water based, this membrane is an important contributor to the natural stain resistance of wool carpets.

This wonder carpet is generally associated with a high price tag, but it is actually more in reach than expected. Like a cashmere sweater, purchasing a wool carpet is a long lasting investment. The wool carpet looks great longer and has to be replaced less often than synthetic carpets. By investing more money in a timeless wool carpet, there are savings in future material and installation replacement costs. The benefits offered by wool carpet can be of greater value for your lifestyle. For wool, both the luxury and value are worth the price. Feel a couple samples of wool carpet and we dare you to not fall in love with this amazing fibre!

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