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Getting Ready for your Flooring Installation

Please review the following list of things to do before getting ready for the arrival of your installation team!


Installers will not remove any breakables. Please remove the following items prior to our arrival:

  • Glass items from tables, cabinets and walls.
  • All items inside of china cabinet or other cabinets.
  • Dishes, vases and other breakables.
  • Lamps and electrical items.
  • Stereo equipment, TV, speakers, routers and any other electronic items.
  • Please remove any books, papers and items that are sitting on top of your furniture.
  • Any other breakable items that are not mentioned above.

These items must be removed away from the working area of all rooms prior to the arrival of the installation crew. Any breakable items that have to be moved by the installation team will be moved at the customer’s own risk. We will not be held responsible for damage to breakable items.



Removal of furniture is an optional service. If you have chosen to do this step yourself, please note the following. Please remove as much of the furniture as possible from the rooms to be carpeted. This allows the carpet to be placed underneath the furniture, which is where we’re sure you want it unless you’re a real trendsetter. IF YOU FIND YOU NEED ADDITIONAL HELP WITH THE REMOVAL OF THE FURNITURE, CONTACT YOUR CONSULTANT IN ADVANCE OF THE INSTALLATION TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. 


If the installation team is moving furniture, you will still need to note the following:

  • All breakable items must be removed as described above. 
  • In bedrooms, strip the beds.
  • Remove all items from the bottom of the closets (If they are to be done).



In Kitchens and Utility Rooms:

  • Please disengage the washer, dryer, refrigerator and all gas appliances in all cases. The installers are not responsible for disconnecting or connecting these items. 
  • If the installation crew is not moving these items, please ensure that they are out of the working area prior to their arrival. BE VERY CAUTIOUS WHEN MOVING THESE ITEMS BACK INTO PLACE. TALK TO YOUR CONSULTANT ABOUT THIS.


Carpet removal:

If you are performing this task, please note the following. If you now have wall-to-wall carpeting, you’ll have to remove it to make way for the new carpet and pad you’ve just purchased. When you remove your existing carpet and pad, PLEASE LEAVE THE TACK STRIP DOWN. Be very cautious against walls to avoid having to get a new paint job! TIP: Have a good quality utility knife and cut the carpet into 6-foot wide strips as you lift it up. This makes it easier to maneuver outside.


Carpet Disposal and Waste:

We will haul away all waste material from your new carpet installation unless you have requested otherwise. Take ups and old materials will be disposed of according to your municipalities standards. This may include leaving it by your trash area for pick up. 



If your existing carpet is laid under quarter round, we cannot be held responsible for breakage of the molding. We will try to keep the breakage to a minimum. The installers will use your existing tack strips and reinforce or replace them where necessary.



The carpet installers do the entire area at one time. They will use areas not to be covered such as car ports or back patios for storage during installation. Also, please be sure the power is on for the installer’s electrical tools and the inside temperature is at least 15 degrees. 


Carpet Waste:

After installation, you’ll probably notice some leftover pieces of carpet. This is due to the fact that most carpet is sold in 12-foot widths. The chances are that if your rooms are narrower or wider than 12 feet, there will be a waste factor between 10 – 15 %. 


Carpet Seams:

In most installations, carpet seams are inevitable. Contrary to opinion, today’s heat bonded seams are as strong as the rest of the carpet. BUT THEY ARE NOT INVISIBLE. Even though the installers do the best they can, you will be able to see the seams. Also, because of the direction of the carpet, some seams may be more visible than others. This is quite normal, and should be expected. Please discuss with your consultant the seam location to ensure it meets your expectations.


Changes in colour:

Today’s high luster fabrics display many different colours depending on where they are laid in the room. If you have a preference, and if there is enough carpet, just ask the installers to show you how it would look both ways.


Loose fibers:

Some carpets naturally shed some fibers when first installed. This is a normal process and will be lesser or greater depending on the nature of your carpet. Vacuum your carpet as you normally would and in most cases this should decrease with time. Some carpets will do this to a small extent for their entire lifetime. This does not impact the quality of the carpet or its performance. Talk to your consultant if this is a concern.



Some plush or twist carpets naturally show footmarks. Other carpets hide them or bounce back. Talk to your consultant if this is a concern. All carpets will show indentations from furniture feet or other heavy items placed on them. We recommend moving your furniture slightly from time to time. On some flooring, foot pads for furniture is recommended. Again, speak with your consultant about this.


When we’ve finished your installation, you’ll have the world at your feet. Better yet, you’ll have long life luxurious carpet beneath your feet – carefully installed over padding in the best tradition of Canadian workmanship.

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