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Best websites to inspire your renovation

Best home renovation inspiration


Inspiration for your home is everywhere – home shows, magazines, or even a walk through your favourite stylish neighbourhood. Here’s a few of our favourite magazines and online resources to look at when gathering inspiration for your next renovation.

Local inspiration

Western Living Magazine
This magazines and it’s website is a comprehensive guide of everything new and unusual in Western Canada, from Winnipeg to Victoria. Their Homes section showcases a stunning selection of homes and condos in Western Canada’s, design tips and new trends in décor.

Westcoast Homes and Design
Every issue of this magazine is full of Vancouver’s best local architecture and creative design trends. By browsing through local homes, there’s a better chance that the products used to create that space will be local. By keeping it local, you’re less likely to fall in love with the backsplash tiles in the photo, only to discover that the product cannot be imported to Canada.


Keep track of your ideas

The Houzz website is 100% dedicated to home improvement and interior design. Their extensive library has well-written articles to help you through all stages of a home renovation or design project. Browse through the inspiring photos posted by other users and create an account to save your favourites to your own ideabooks.

Pinterest – The tremendously popular social media site is filled to the brim with renovation and interior design ideas. You can explore the Pinterest Home Decor category or create your own pin board to keep track of the great ideas you find on Pinterest and other websites.


Modern and Minimal

This magazine and it’s website demonstrates functional and comfortable modern design. While many photos of modern design homes often look like no one lives there, Dwell’s goal is to show modernist designed homes lived in by real people.

Better Living Through Design
The Better Living Through Design website is a great resource for those yearning for the best eye-catching modern furniture and design options on the internet. The products featured could be from anywhere at the world and at any price point. No searching is required to find the product since each product has a direct link to the retailer.

Retro living

Retro Renovation
Love the sets of Mad Men and have a soft spot for shag carpets? Then Retro Renovation is the site for you.  This website is a comprehensive guide to renovating and decorating your house mid-century style.



Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy is an ode to making the most of small space living. This website boasts inspiring before and after posts, great storage and organization advice, and a video how-to series. Living in 1000 sf or less has never looked so good!

Have other favourite home renovation and decor websites that we forgot to mention? Let us know about them in the comments.

Hardwood Trends: Distressed Hardwood Floors

Distressed floors have been a popular choice among home owners looking for a hardwood floor with distinct character. Manufacturers create the distressed look through a variety of processes including ageing, sculpting, hand-scraping and wire brushing. The intentional distress marks are great for active households with small children and pets. The scratches and dents caused by the wear and tear of everyday life will be less noticeable than with a piano finish hardwood.

Our Favourite Distressed Floors
Here’s a few of our favourite distressed hardwood floors with options for any budget.

Distressed hardwood American Restoration by Shaw Floors – $

This wide plank engineered hardwood from Shaw uses unique distressed markings to create a look reminiscent of reclaimed barnyard planks. With four colours to choose from, American Restoration is a realistic and affordable distressed choice.

American Restoration Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Cottage Collection by Laurentian Hardwood $$

The Cottage Collection uses a lightly wire brushed texture and low gloss finish to evoke the image of comfortable seaside cottages. This engineered hardwood comes in 10 different colours.

Cottage Collection Distressed Hardwood

Castillo Plank by Antique Impressions – $$$

Inspired by the castles of medieval Europe, each handcrafted Castillo plank looks like a genuine time-worn plank walked upon centuries ago. Design options for this collection are endless with hickory or walnut planks in eight colours and a variety of plank widths to choose from.

Castillo Plank Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Carpet Styles 101

Carpet is manufactured by sewing strands of yarn into a backing, creating thousands of yarn loops. What happens to the loops of yarn defines the style of carpet created. When yarn loops are cut, the tufted yarn stands up straight, creating a cut pile carpet. When the loops are uncut, the carpet is called a loop carpet. These two options can be combined to create many carpet style possibilities.

Level loop carpet styleLevel loop carpet
As the name suggests, level loop carpets are made up of thousands of yarn loops of similar heights. The level loops create a smooth and durable surface well-suited to high traffic areas.
Level loop commercial carpet
Multi-level loop carpet styleMulti-level loops carpet

Multi-level loop carpets are created by combining a variety of loop heights. The results are carpets with unique patterns and textures. Multi-level loop and level loop carpets are also commonly referred to as berber carpets.

multi level loop carpet

Cut and loop carpet style Cut and loop carpet
Cut and loop carpets are combination of cut pile and loop pile that creates a sculpted design that gives visual impact to any room. These carpets can create a variety of patterns from a simple pin dot to larger floral or geometric patterns. The texture helps hide soil and stands up well to active households.

Cut and loop carpet

Frieze or shag carpet styleFrieze carpet
Pronounced frih-zay’, this carpet is known by many names including twist and shag. Yarn of frieze carpets is heat twisted very tightly so it curls once it has been cut, giving frieze carpets that bouncy texture they are well-known for.

Frieze carpet style

Plush cut pile carpet
Plush carpets are a type of cut pile carpets with a soft, smooth, and dense cut pile. They have a smooth and flawless appearance that gives a space a traditional and luxurious look.

Plush cut pile carpet

Textured cut pile carpet
A textured cut pile carpet is the classic residential carpet, suitable for mid to high traffic areas. It differs from its cousin, the plush, by having more visible yarn ends. This results in a slightly more textured looking surface that reduces the crushing and traffic marks commonly found on plush carpets.

Textured saxony carpet

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