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Buildings C & D Update – November 30th

We are on schedule to complete installation in Building C today. Tomorrow we will start installation in Building D, starting on the third floor and working down from there. Our goal is complete installation by Monday December 12.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Solid vs. engineered hardwood flooringHardwood floors are a great choice to consider when renovating your space. They are a timeless and elegant option that adds value to your home. Solid and engineered hardwood flooring are the two main types of hardwood. Both types are made from wood and look the same once installed – can you tell the if the photo to the left is engineered or solid? But there are some differences between them in how they are manufactured and their features.

Solid Hardwood
As its name suggests, solid hardwood is milled from wood. It can be sanded and finished many times to stay in pristine condition. Solid hardwood is not recommended for rooms where moisture from daily activities or the ground could damage the floor. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, and any areas below grade such as basements. Homeowners should be prepared for solid flooring to expand and contract as moisture changes in each season.

Engineered Hardwood
Each plank of engineered hardwood is made up of multiple sheets of either hardwood, fibreboard or plywood laminated together with a final layer of hardwood on top. Each layer is put on top of each other in the opposite direction to create a dimensionally stable floor. Using this method called “cross-ply construction” creates a dimensionally stable floor that withstands changes in moisture better than solid hardwood. It is suited to kitchens, bathrooms, or basements. Engineered floors can even be sanded and refinished.

In addition to your budget and personal preference, consider the rooms you will be installing hardwood in before making your flooring decision. The research is worth it when the end result is a beautiful hardwood floor for generations to come.

Introducing MIRA Job Blogs

Job Blog for Property Managers and Strata

After weeks of testing, we’re excited to share with you the new MIRA job blogs. The job blogs are created to keep residents in the building informed about ongoing flooring projects. On the job blog, you can see updates from your account manager, photos, and more.

Password protected job blogs are available to any resident of a strata or multi-unit building having common area or hallway flooring replaced. Login information will be emailed to your property manager and/or strata council to be passed onto all other residents.

If you have any feedback regarding the new job blogs, feel free to comment on this post or email with your comments and suggestions.

Update – November 18th

Carpet installation in building C begins today. Installation will be completed floor by floor, starting on the 3rd floor and working down from there. We are planning to complete building C on Wednesday November 30th.

The Vancouver Home + Design Show

Hardwood flooring at Vancouver Home and Design Show

Our highlight of the month of October was the Vancouver Home + Design Show. All members of our sales team had a chance to be at the booth and meet with new customers. Our featured supplier for the event was Creative at Home. We always receive great feedback from customers on their products at every event we show their products at. Their hand crafted wide plank hardwood makes a lasting impression.

Home shows and conferences are our favourite events (Aside from hockey games. But those aren’t flooring related!). Our plans for November, include exhibiting at the BC Non Profit Housing Association Conference.
Know of a home show or industry conference you think we should be at? Tell us about it!

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