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5 Reasons You’ll Love Cork Flooring

We’re excited to say that we now carry cork and vinyl floors from Cork Art! With the new display in our showroom, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about this lesser known flooring option. Here’s 5 main reasons why you’ll love cork floors in your home:

1. Comfortable
Cork Art floors have forty million cells per cubic centimetre that are filled with air. These cells allow the floor to reduce the conduction of temperature and sound. Your cork floors will stay warm and comfortable underfoot and reduce noise.

2. Healthy
If you love the warmth of carpet but suffer from allergies, cork floors are a great solution as they are safe for asthma/allergy sufferers. It’s anti microbial and resists mold and mildew. One of the substances cork is composed of, suberin, is a natural insect repeller that keeps bugs and termites away.

3. Easy to install
While most cork floors are known to be easy to install, the patented Uniclic system of Cork Art floors makes it even simpler.

4. Resistant and durable
Cork is known for being very resistant to wear. Its flexible nature means cork is less affected by impact and friction than other similar surfaces are.

5. Sustainable
When cork is harvested, the trees are not cut down. Instead they are stripped. This process doesn’t harm the tree and allows it to continue renewing itself naturally. Cork oak forests will continue to flourish even as the popularity of this amazing floor continues to grow.

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