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Happy Canada 🇨🇦 Day 2017

15 Reasons Why We LOVE 😍  CANADA 🇨🇦  

1) Free Healthcare – it’s great to know that we have coverage if ever faced with a life threatening illness.

2) Freedom of Choice and Freedom of Speech – Canada is a country always supporting freedom of religion, and equality for all.

3) Canada’s Beauty – very scenic, great forestry, parks and lakes.

4) Diversity – Canada is the only Western country to place into the top 20 most diverse. Since 1867, 17 Million people from all over the world have made Canada their home.

5) Outdoor Summer and Winter Activities – lots of leisure activities to choose from whether it’s mountain hiking, biking, skiing, camping etc.

6) Safety – low crime rates and strict laws makes living in Canada worry free.

7) Stable & Great Economy – a great opportunity for the younger generation.

8) World Renown Niceness :) – Canadian’s have a worldwide reputation of being friendly and nice people. 

9) Canada’s Amazing Things and Inventions – such as: Ice Hockey, Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup, Insulin, Basketball, IMAX, the Caesar drink.

10) The word Eh! – it’s what we say :) and we’re proud of it.

11) It’s the Second Largest Country (via landmass) In The World – lot’s to explore and lots to see right here at home.

12) Canada’s National Flag – It’s cool design and cool colours! We love that red and white and the maple leaf!

13) Tim Hortons – World famous coffee and yummy donuts.

14) Living in BC Is Awesome! The fact that you can golf and snowboard in the same day is priceless.

15) The Great Food! As a result of the diverse population, Canadian’s have a lot of variety in food choices from various cultures.

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