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The Empress

Welcome to the job blog for The Empress. This job blog will provide you with regular updates about your flooring project.

Our goal during the installation is to make the process as smooth and pain-free as possible. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact Sandy at 604-856-4799 Ext 104 and she will return your call within the day.

The lead installer of our on-site installation crew is Tamim. Feel free to say hello to him and the crew.

**Your patience is greatly appreciated during the installation and disruption in your building as we ask you to avoid the areas our team is working on. Our guys are working hard to get this renovation done as quickly and efficiently as possible. **

MIRA Floors & Interiors is excited about completing the installation of new flooring in your hallways. Please note the schedule posted below is a guideline only.


Jul 12-13 Removal of old common hall carpet/pad, Removal of baseboards, tack – all floors

Jul 14-16 Floor Prep, cleaning and repairs – all floors

Jul 18-27 Installing two to three floors per day starting at Floor 16 and working our way down

Current Update

Jul 14 Floor prep cleaning and floor repairs all floors.

Previous Updates:  

Jul 13 Removal of old tack strip and silicone scraping

Jul 12 Installation team underway with Removal of old carpet and tack strip. Tack strip is glued down and our installers will be using a small jackhammer to remove the tack strip. This may cause noise during work hours during our removal this week.

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