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Monday March 26

Good morning all;

Lots going on this week.  Sorry for the delay in responding to the latest post – Yes, the skywalks will be done by the crew in 2985.

The crew in 2985 are steadily progressing and will be on site all week.

The crew in 2995 are working on the 1st floor and will be finished this week.  This means they will be taring up carpet in the main lobby area.  Please watch your step in this high traffic area.  The replacement flooring in the PUB starts tomorrow and will run through to April 4th.  The PUB will be closed during this time.

March 19 2012

Greetings residents of Princess Gate

Here is the latest:

The crew on 2995 is progressing nicely and will be done the 3rd floor by the end of today.  The crew in 2985 will be starting the 3rd floor today.

Please note all deficiencies will be addressed at the end of the project.  you may notice them now, but rest assured i notice a couple as well and will have them addressed prior to job completion. 

Also, please note the pub will be “out of service” from the 26th to the 4th for foor work being done there.

Thank you for letting us into your living space.  I trust we are minimizing the disruption in your lives.  If anyone is considering getting any flooring done inside your respective suites, please let me know.  I would be happy to provide a quotation.




Wednesday March 16

The project is progressing as expected.  In fact, with the three man team in 2995, the project is a little ahead of schedule.  Today, this team will be moving onto the third floor. 

Some of you may have seen some patchwork to the subfloor.  This is important to remedy to ensure longevity of the new carpet.  While these patches are dark grey, please try to step over them.  Once they turn light grey, one is able to walk on them if necessary.


Thank you to the residents we have talked to for their positive comments.  They are much appreciated.

The Beginning

Dear Princess Gate Residents

This coming Monday, March 12, marks the beginning of the transformation of the hallways in your respective buildings.  The crew working in 2985 is led by Mario.  The crew in 2995 is led by Ali.  Feel free to say hello to them, but please allow them to work efficiently – send any questions you have my way.  Each crew will be beginning on the top floor and working their way down.  The crews will progress at different speeds, fir the most part completing a floor before moving onto the next one.

During the changeout, there may be some delay navigating the halls at some points, so please be careful.  Also, there may be some debris in the hallways, but this would be cleaned up each day as they progress along.

The MIRA team thanks you for allowing us into your living space.  We will do our best to be as least disruptive as possible.

Account Manager

Paul Windover


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