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The Grove Installation Schedule

Welcome to the job blog for The Grove, 8929 202 St, Langley, BC. This job blog will provide you with regular updates about your flooring project.

Our goal during the carpet installation is to make the process as smooth and pain-free as possible. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact the office at 604-856-4799.

The lead installer of our on-site installation crew is Tamim. Feel free to say hello to him and the crew – they are wearing MIRA Floors & Interiors shirts.


Current Update:

Oct 4th: We are ahead of schedule!! Building D should now be complete! Building E tear out to be complete today and 4th Floor install to be complete today. Building E Floors 1-3 are to be complete by Oct 6th. This leaves us with the exciting news that we hope to be complete this whole project by end of day October 6th!!!


**GLUE: The nature of the glue for carpet tile is that we have to trowel it out and then let it tack up. So it has to sit for a short period of time. During this time, ideally nobody walks through the hallway. When we are in install mode in your building please when opening your door, do a quick look to make sure there is no wet glue in front of your door. If there is our installer should be within talking distance, so problem solve the timing with our team. Things in A Building have gone well and we thank you all for your patience. **


Updated Schedule:

Building A:
Tear-Out: Sept 17 – 18
Install: Sept 18-21
Building B:
Tear-Out: Sept 19 – 20
Install: Sept 21 – 25
Building C:
Tear-out: Sept 24 – 26
Install: Sept 25 – 28
Building D (Subject to change):
Tear-out: Sept 27 – Oct 1
Install: Sept 28 – Oct 3
Building E (Subject to Change):
Tear-out: Oct 1 – 3
Install: Oct 3 – 9

Please note that this timeline is an estimate and is subject to change. We will keep you updated on any changes.

Your thresholds will remain in place for this installation. Some thresholds are already damaged and these will be noted. If you have any questions please call the office at 604-856-4799


Previous Updates:

Oct 2nd: We are still on track! Building D & E tear out should be complete by end of day today! Building D 4th floor is complete. Building D floors 2 & 3 are to be complete today. Building D floor 1 and Building E floor 4 to be complete by Thursday.

Sept 28th: We appear to be ahead of pace still! Here is what the schedule appears to be for the next couple of days. Building C is to be complete by tomorrow morning. Building D tear out is to begin and complete on Oct 1. Install of Building D is to be Oct 1-3 starting from the 4th floor down. Building E tear out is to start and complete Oct 2. Install of Building E is to be Oct 4-6 also starting from the 4th floor down.

Sept 26th: Progress continues and we are still on pace for our revised schedule below! The 4th floor of Building C install is to be complete today, and then the 3rd floor of Building C is expected to be complete tomorrow. On Friday Sept 28th we expect install on the 2nd floor of Building C to be complete and tear out of Building D to begin.

Sept 24th: Building B Floors 3 & 4 are complete and Floors 1 & 2 are expected to be complete today as well. Tear out on Building C is now beginning with Floors 3 & 4 expected to be torn out by tomorrow.

Sept 19: WE ARE AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! Things are moving along nicely and due to minimal prep in Building A which is the largest building, we are moving faster than our initial schedule. Building A to be complete Friday Sept 21. Building B tear out to be complete today. Building B Floors 3 & 4 to begin Sept 21.

Sept 18: Building A tear out to be complete. Floor 3 install to be complete.

 Sept 17: Tear out of Building A floors 2-4. Install of Floor 4.

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