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Benefits of Hiring Professional Consultants For Your Commercial Painting & Flooring Projects

This Month, we’re pleased to offer a guest blogger, our affiliated commercial painting company, Wolfgang Commercial Painters’ Marketing Manager Deana Srdic. Deana weighs in on the benefits of using a company which offers professional consultants.

Investing in your home should be a rewarding process from decision to make a change, research, selection of supplier and finally, the completed project. To ensure a successful interior design process, both MIRA Floors & Interiors and Wolfgang Commercial Painters offer complimentary, no obligation quotes and professional consultant services for window and floor coverings and paint colour.

Here’s our take on the top three benefits of working with a company offering a consultant:

1. A professional, third opinion

MIRA Floors & Interiors and Wolfgang Commercial Painter consultants are professionals. Their day to day business interactions are centered around helping you find the right window, floor and paint colour to perfect your space. They aim to complement personality, space restraints and end goals, completing the design process seamlessly. MIRA Floors & Interiors and Wolfgang Commercial Painters consultants offer value and can work on or off site, whenever is most suitable to you. Our consultants are a reliable third party when choosing colour and design schemes. Plus, they’ve got years of professional experience; they know what works and won’t.

2. Endless selection
Ideal window, floor and colour pairings are easily passed over and often not considered before making a decision. Our consultants suggest winning combinations that are timeless and suit the individual’s personality and needs. Our consultants listen first, then get to work creating palettes sure to please. They also bring along window covering, floor and colour samples for a tangible sample to test and discuss.

3. Simplicity!
Book a free consultation with MIRA Floors & Interiors or Wolfgang Commercial Painters and enjoy the benefits of a professional consultant immediately.

Replacing your windows and floors and repainting is an investment into preserving your home and building. Consultants allow your style and preference to shine when re-creating your personal space. Competitive pricing and best in class quality, go with the pros at MIRA Floors & Interiors and Wolfgang Commercial Painters and let their value added consultants lead you down the path to a beautiful home!

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Article written by Deana Srdic, Marketing Manager at Wolfgang Commercial Painters, MIRA Floors & Interiors affiliated trade partner for commercial painting.

The Season to protect your floors from Christmas tree damages

The Christmas tree is a symbol for hope, and togetherness and is a core part of the celebration and anticipation of the Christmas season. Families often look forward to picking out the right tree, and decorating in their homes during the Christmas holiday.


Whether your Christmas tree is a live pine, fir, spruce, cypress, cedar or an artificial tree, we have you covered. Here are some tips that will help prevent your floors from damages which can save you the hassle of floor repair costs during the holiday season.

Potential Issues and Damages

Sap Leakage and Stains


Sap leakage can occur from the trunk and branch of live trees. A newer cut tree will typically have more sap inside and thus be more prone to leakage.

Acidic stains can occur from fallen pine leaves also known as pine needles which can cause damage to your carpet and hardwood floors. Pine needles can also be a hazard to small children and pets.

Water leakage

Another potential issue which can be caused from over watering or not having the proper tree protection such as a Christmas tree mat. Carpet and under-pad staining is a potential risk factor.


Improper use of or minimal floor protection with tree floor stands can cause damages to the surface of your hardwood floors.

Mild scratches can also occur from pine needles being left on your hardwood floor.

Proper Maintenance

Small children and pets should be always supervised while around a Christmas tree to prevent tipping. Barrier protection such as baby gates are a great option in ensuring the added safety of your pets and children.

Vacuuming and sweeping pine needles regularly, can prevent or reduce the risks of staining and scratches to your floors surface. 

Self adhesive felt pads should be placed on the legs of the christmas tree stands if you do not have a mat, this can prevent scratches and marks on your hardwood floors surface.

Watering your live Christmas tree frequently will prevent it from drying out which can turn your tree into a fire hazard. A Christmas tree stand is required.


Water guard Christmas tree mats are one of the the best options to protect your tree from leakage, and scratches. If you need something more decorative you can add a Christmas tree skirt, which can be found in a variety of colours. To play it even safer you can place a waterproof plastic garbage bag under the Christmas tree mat for that extra layer of water protection against your floors.  

Artificial trees might be most convenient alternative due to the minimal maintenance process involved. For those who want to lower the chances of  damages, leakage, and staining to their floors an artificial Christmas tree is recommend.

Hope you have a safe, and damage-free floor this Christmas holiday season. Merry Christmas.



Assessing carpet pattern matches

What is Pattern Matching?

Patterned carpets consist of printed or tufted designs that repeat at regular intervals at the length and width. These regular repeats are designed to match side by side, allowing the installer to maintain pattern uniformity when additional carpet thickness are side matched during installation. To obtain this goal, the installer needs to know how to give pattern repeats and they should also factor it in relation to the entire room size.

In most cases, pattern repeats are designed to side match in their full width and estimated to match based on multiples of the length repeat.
Pattern match variations should be checked for during the dry-lay processing in order to best determine the roll sequence.

What Are The Different Types of Pattern Matches?

Set Match



If a carpet is designed with a set repeat, the adjoining area should be estimated based on even multiples of the length repeat. For example, if the carpet has a 36” x 36” set length repeat and the room length is 23 feet.6 inches the first drop would require no more than 23 feet. 6 inches. However if an adjoining drop is needed this second area measurement must take into consideration the next highest even multiple of 36 inches. Based on this, the adjoining area must be 24 ft. long in order to obtain a proper set pattern match at the seam.

Half Drop



Half-drop pattern repeats produce a diagonal alignment across the width of the carpet and they are designed so that the length of an adjoining area can be calculated by estimating the length repeat plus one half of the repeat. Half-Drop length repeats can be lined to a stair step in appearance.

Brick Repeat/Drop Match/Half Step Forward


The Brick repeat is not often encountered. If a carpet has a 20”x 20” brick repeat, the length can be found by dropping down 20 inches from the pattern repeat point and moving across the width 10” (half a step forward of the 20 inches wide pattern repeat).

Carpet requirements for this type can be calculated similar to the method used to calculate half drops and other half repeat patterns.


MIRA Floors and Interiors Ranks Among PROFIT 500 Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies




MIRA Floors and Interiors Ranks No. 447 on the 2016 PROFIT 500

PROFIT and Canadian Business unveils 28th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Surrey (September 15, 2016) Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked MIRA Floors and Interiors No. 447 on the 28th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Published in the October issue of Canadian Business and at, the PROFIT 500 ranks Canadian businesses by their five-year revenue growth.

MIRA Floors and Interiors made the 2016 PROFIT 500 list with five-year revenue growth of 91%.

“Companies become a part of the PROFIT 500 through innovative thinking, smart strategy and sheer grit,” says James Cowan, Editor-in-chief of PROFIT and Canadian Business. “These firms demonstrate what Canadian entrepreneurs can achieve, both at home and across the globe.”

“It’s a huge honor for us to accept this achievement,” says Owner Kevin Bergstresser. “It’s a reflection of the hard work from our team, the quality of our service and products, and the loyalty of our customers.”

MIRA Floors & Interiors, Vancouver’s flooring specialists, provides complete lines of flooring installation services and flooring products to the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. What makes our company unique is our mobile showroom; it adds convenience to our customers by bringing the showroom to the comfort of their homes and business.

MIRA Floors and Interiors are recipients of the Business in Vancouver Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in B.C award in 2015, and the Better Business Bureau Marketplace Excellence Award in 2016.

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About PROFIT and 
PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success is Canada’s preeminent media brand dedicated to the management issues and opportunities facing small and mid-sized businesses. For 34 years, Canadian entrepreneurs across a vast array of economic sectors have remained loyal to PROFIT because it’s a timely and reliable source of actionable information that helps them achieve business success and get the recognition they deserve for generating positive economic and social change. Visit PROFIT online at

About Canadian Business
Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the longest-serving, best-selling and most-trusted business publication in the country. With a total brand readership of more than 1.1 million, it is the country’s premier media brand for executives and senior business leaders. It fuels the success of Canada’s business elite with a focus on the things that matter most: leadership, innovation, business strategy and management tactics. We provide concrete examples of business achievement, thought-provoking analysis and compelling storytelling, all in an elegant package with bold graphics and great photography. Canadian Business—what leadership looks like.

About MIRA Floors and Interiors
Founded in 1992, MIRA, pronounced “meer-a”, is a Portuguese and Italian word that means ‘to look and feel, to ‘view’. Our beginning used the meaning of this word as its foundation and a decade later it continues to be the building blocks with which our business is being built.
MIRA Floors and Interiors is a one-stop solution for design, supply, and installation of flooring and window coverings. Our goal on any project is to make your home or business look and feel amazing.

Media contact
Kevin Bergstresser, Owner, MIRA Floors and Interiors,, 604.856.4799.






Higher Formaldehyde Traces Found in Laminate Flooring, Report States

The danger of some laminate wood flooring that was originally reported was underestimated.

According to a report by CNN, the traces of formaldehyde discovered in laminate flooring manufactured in China and sold by Lumber Liquidators were underestimated.

People exposed to formaldehyde could experience harmful heath issues, according to numerous government reports. This includes a lifetime cancer risk, which was found to be higher than originally reported. The US Centers for Disease Control and The National Center for Environmental Health states that the issues are linked to laminate floors manufactured in China and sold by Lumber Liquidators based in Tano, Virginia.

Lumber Liquidators said that they stopped selling the products last year.

How It All Began

In 2015, a CBS “60 Minutes” special called Lumber Liquidators was aired featuring CNN Contributor, Anderson Cooper. Which found formaldehyde traces in certain laminate products, which exceeded standards set by the California Air Resources Board.

CNN did their own private testing on 30 boxes of laminate flooring, which they received from 5 Lumber Liquidator store locations from New York, Texas, Florida, and Illinois.

This prompted the Consumer Product Safety Commission to run their own tests with laminate products manufactured in China. The CDC and Disease Registry reviewed the test results and reassessed the health effects.

Formaldehyde Effects From the Results Conducted

Formaldehyde can result in eyes, nose and throat irritation. Breathing problems can also occur in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and asthma.

 The Calculated Error

“The revised report concludes that irritation and breathing problems could occur in everyone exposed to formaldehyde in the tested laminate flooring, not just in sensitive groups. The report also increased the estimated lifetime cancer risk from breathing the highest levels of formaldehyde from the affected flooring all day, every day for two years. The lifetime cancer risk increased from the previous estimate of two to nine extra cases for every 100,000 people to between six and 30 extra cases per 100,000 people,” the CDC and ATSDR stated.

“The American Cancer Society estimates that up to 50,000 of every 100,000 people may develop cancer from all causes over their lifetimes,” the CDC stated.

Formaldehyde Preventative Measures

  • Reduce other sources of formaldehyde, such as tobacco smoke
  • Consider getting professional air testing
  • Ensure that you get daily fresh air circulation throughout the home by opening windows daily



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